Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I scored....ROYALY

So I decided that I would check out my local Dollar Tree for some craft supplies for the wedding, but I never thought in a million years that I would feel like I hit the jackpot! So I walked in thinking honestly that I wouldn't find anything that I could use that wouldn't look like a bought it for a dollar LOL but I was SO WRONG! Thank God for the Dollar Tree. I found some square vases that were the brand "Libby" they were small but the glass was thick perfect for the little side decorations. I thought these vases could host a candle or if the venue doesn't allow open flame then I could use the little LED candles or lights. I can't tell you how excited I am about these vases and I can't wait to spruce them up and coordinate them with my colors and print. here is a picture of the square vases I bought and I will put the link on how you can get them. Dollar Tree does an amazing thing (Which I just found out AFTER I went to two separate stores to buy everything LOL) but you can go to their website and order it there and have it shipped to the store (if the store doesn't have enough of what you are looking for) COOL HUH?

Aren't they cute? Super easy, small and a perfect little decoration filler for your tables, guest book table or anything you desire. So if you go to the link here It will take you directly to the Dollar Tree website for these exact vases, and you can order them in a case (12 vases = $12.00) I am sure their might be tax (depending on where you live) and maybe a shipping charge but I am not sure. BUT I GOT THEM FOR ONLY $1.00!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH, my kind of Bargain!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I am inspired......

Now the fun has begun with the whole decorating at hand. I know a lot of you would think I am crazy about this next part, but I will be making all of my OWN decorations! That's right! I said....I WILL BE MAKING ALL OF MY OWN DECORATIONS! I know it sounds crazy but I am not about to go out and buy stuff when I know that I can make something just as good (IF NOT BETTER) and for SO MUCH CHEAPER! I will show will see! HA! So I have been just basically looking on the Internet trying to pick up ideas that might inspire any idea or something that I can replicate. WELL, I FOUND MY CENTERPIECES that I want to do and I am so excited about them and they look SO EASY TO MAKE, materials are cheap but it doesn't LOOK cheap!

AREN'T THESE SO CUTE?!?!? so basically its a cylinder vase that has been vamped up with Ribbon and then a Tissue Paper Pom Pom top with beads hanging down the middle of the vase. Now the question is do I really want to use the tissue paper or flowers, or fake flowers? But I thought these were so beautiful and exactly what I wanted for the centerpieces but exactly the kind of budget I wanted to stay in. I will keep in the look of the progress I am on with these and where I buy the supplies!

Let me know what you think of these?

Oh and you can find this by doing the same Yahoo Search I did by typing :Damask Centerpieces

Friday, March 25, 2011


So as all of you know we are trying to pick out our print to go along with our wedding colors. I really wanted to do Polka dots but Anthony really likes the elegant look of Damask. SO it was off to Michael's for us so that we could put ribbon together to see both together with our colors. First off I have to say that I feel so blessed that my fiance wants to be such a part of the wedding planning process. It makes me feel great to know his opinion and to know that he is just as excited about this wedding as I am.

Now back to the issue at hand. POLKA DOTS or DAMASK (Paired with Hot Pink, black and White) WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE? The Polka dots would have explained Anthony as a couple. The print was fun and crazy (Which is totally us) but the Damask was a little more elegant and out of our comfort zone but perfect for making our day perfect. SO...which one to choose.....

Well I am happy to announce that..............


Sunday, March 20, 2011


OMG Guys! I have to tell you about one of these Bridal Impulse Buys. I just couldn't resist. I am so excited about this. So while browsing on Ebay for Hot Pink Wedding Stuff I came across some HOT PINK DIAMOND CONFETTI & an amazing Feather Hair Clip that I want to wear in my hair for my wedding!!!!!!!!!!! I want to scream, I love these items so much!!!!! So here they are. I will show you the pick, Post a link to where you can get them, and tell you above all else HOW MUCH THEY ARE!!!!! So excited! let me know what you think.......

These (ABOVE) are the hot Pink Diamond Confetti that I purchased. LET ME TELL YOU...the Picture doesn't do them justice. They are little Diamond Shaped confetti that you can fill vases with, sprinkle on your tables, decorate around your centerpieces and let me tell you.....THE COLOR IS TRUE TO THE PICTURE. I was so worried about that, not seeing it first hand but the picture was exact and I was so happy with them. They carry different sized Diamonds and in all different colors (Just in case you aren't as obsessed with hot pink as I am LOL) Very reasonably priced. The sellers ebay store name is "DiamondPartyConfetti" and here is the link that will take you directly to the ebay store. I paid $6.95 for them and they were well worth it! But when I got my item shipped to me in the mail I got a flyer saying they had their own website OUTSIDE OF Ebay for those that don't shop Ebay. so here is the link to their DIRECT WEBSITE! Happy Shopping!!!!!!!!!!!! & even happier decorating!

Next purchase was my HOT PINK FEATHER HAIR CLIP. I also ordered this off of ebay and it actually was shipped to me from China (So the shipping took longer than anything, but it wasn't A SUPER LONG WAIT) but let me tell you....this was SO WORTH THE BUY! I am so happy with this I can't even tell you. This is SO me and I can't wait to wear this for my big day. Of course I have always pictured an "UP-DO" for my wedding or maybe a low bun with lots of curls so I would probably wear this hair clip in the back towards one side. This also was TRUE TO COLOR and I am in love with it as I have mentioned already 5 times LOL. here is the link to the online ebay shop that I purchased this hair clip from This hair clip was only....wait for it.....$6.90!!!!! SO WORTH THE PURCHASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Wedding Planning.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Would you expect anything less than my wedding to be HOT PINK?!?!?! If you don't know me then you are probably questioning my sanity, but my favorite color is HOT PINK! not just any old pink but NEON HOT PINK (80's Style for sure!) While discussing possible colors for our wedding Anthony was being such a good sport because I wasn't budging on having Hot Pink as one of our colors. We decided that we wanted to do Black and White as well but thought that we would maybe make a trip to Michael's (Craft Store) to maybe see if there was a print to go with these colors to tie everything together.

First thought was doing Hot Pink, Black and White with a Black with White Polka dot's print. CUTE RIGHT? and super fun? But we will just have to see what other items are out there before we make a decision. I am more or less wanting this to be ONE GIANT PARTY to where Anthony is more wanting a traditional elegant look because that really goes against anything we have ever done (THE SUPER FANCY PART!) So I will keep you posted on our progress, our decisions and my BARGAIN'S that I find!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Picking the Date....

We hit our 1 year being engaged mark on December 25, 2010 and now that it's 2011 we thought that we would buckle down and actually pick a date (that way it ended all the questions of "WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GETTING MARRIED?") Didn't know picking a date would be so hard. Honestly, it was very difficult to us due to the fact that there was no significant date for us that fell on a weekend. We both decided that we didn't want to get married on a holiday (Because personally I believe that takes away from your special day but thats just my opinion!) Picking the right month is critical for me. Due to the summer's here in Redding, CA. didn't want to get married during the summer where tempetures could reach from 100-115 degrees, I would love to be the Beautiful Bride NOT a Sweating BANCHI Bride!

Anthony and I talked about what day would be best for us and the date that we wanted was on a Tuesday, and WHO GETS MARRIED ON A TUESDAY? The date we wanted was Oct. 4, 2011 because that is my Grandparents wedding anniversary. That date has always been so special because my grandparents love and commitment to eachother has always been something I have looked up to and admired as well as wanted for my own marriage. My Grandma passed away 6 years ago and I miss her in my life so much and what better way to honor her and the foundation my grandparents built not only in their marriage but for our family. So with a little suggestion from my Mom, we will be going to the courthouse on Oct. 4th, 2011 to get Legally Married (that way our Wedding Anniversary will technically be Oct. 4th just like my Grandparents) and then we will get married the following saturday (OCT. 8th, 2011) We are so excited about our October Wedding. It shouldn't be too hot but it shouldn't be winter (RAINING) either. Now to plan the million other things that come along with gettin' hitched.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Story

Every Bride has her story of how she got engaged. So I thought I would start this blog off by letting you into my crazy life and my own fairytale adventure. My Fiance's name is Anthony. We have been together (dating) for 5 years. We got engaged Christmas 2009 and I couldn't have been more excited. How it started was....can you guess????? MYSPACE! I know what you are thinking, you are shaking your head in disbelief. Anthony was in the Military (U.S. Navy) and he was coming home on leave. He found me on Myspace, emailed me asking me "How Redding was?" (Redding, CA. is our home town) and from there it sparked an online "GET TO KNOW YOU" Session. It led to talking on the phone for hours and for months.When he finally came home on leave we decided we would meet face to face. I have to say I was really nervous and didn't know what to expect but I DIDN'T EXPECT THE FIREWORKS!

From that moment on it was a lot of him coming home on leave and me visiting San Diego (where he was stationed) then Anthony got orders that he had to go on Deployment to the Middle East. You know how there is a moment in everyones relationship where you just know if you can get through this one bump in the road that you can get through anything?.....WELL DEPLOYMENT WAS OUR MOMENT. After Anthony's 4 year's was up in the Navy he wanted to come home. So he came back home and we moved out together. A very trying part on our relationship due to the fact that we hadn't been together 24/7 before nor had we lived together so we sort of had a lot on our plate. We made it through getting to know eachother ALL OVER again...and here we are planning our October Wedding! When Anthony purposed it was Christmas Day. He had just given me my Pink Better Homes Cookbook that I wanted so deperately and I was just so consumed by looking at all the recipes that I didn't even notice all my family getting their camera's ready. He asked if everyone had another present to open? I, still with my head in the cookbook said "no" but never once looked up from the recipe I was reading.

When I still didn't get another present I decided to finally look up and there he was wanting to talk to me about something. So he sat next to me and described how and when he knew I was the right one (OBVIOUSLY REALLY NERVOUS) and then he got down on one knee and proposed. It was so cute and I was just so shocked and excited. So now you know a little bit more about our history as a couple, you can go along with me on my journey to plan the beginning of our Future.