Saturday, March 26, 2011

I am inspired......

Now the fun has begun with the whole decorating at hand. I know a lot of you would think I am crazy about this next part, but I will be making all of my OWN decorations! That's right! I said....I WILL BE MAKING ALL OF MY OWN DECORATIONS! I know it sounds crazy but I am not about to go out and buy stuff when I know that I can make something just as good (IF NOT BETTER) and for SO MUCH CHEAPER! I will show will see! HA! So I have been just basically looking on the Internet trying to pick up ideas that might inspire any idea or something that I can replicate. WELL, I FOUND MY CENTERPIECES that I want to do and I am so excited about them and they look SO EASY TO MAKE, materials are cheap but it doesn't LOOK cheap!

AREN'T THESE SO CUTE?!?!? so basically its a cylinder vase that has been vamped up with Ribbon and then a Tissue Paper Pom Pom top with beads hanging down the middle of the vase. Now the question is do I really want to use the tissue paper or flowers, or fake flowers? But I thought these were so beautiful and exactly what I wanted for the centerpieces but exactly the kind of budget I wanted to stay in. I will keep in the look of the progress I am on with these and where I buy the supplies!

Let me know what you think of these?

Oh and you can find this by doing the same Yahoo Search I did by typing :Damask Centerpieces

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