Friday, March 25, 2011


So as all of you know we are trying to pick out our print to go along with our wedding colors. I really wanted to do Polka dots but Anthony really likes the elegant look of Damask. SO it was off to Michael's for us so that we could put ribbon together to see both together with our colors. First off I have to say that I feel so blessed that my fiance wants to be such a part of the wedding planning process. It makes me feel great to know his opinion and to know that he is just as excited about this wedding as I am.

Now back to the issue at hand. POLKA DOTS or DAMASK (Paired with Hot Pink, black and White) WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE? The Polka dots would have explained Anthony as a couple. The print was fun and crazy (Which is totally us) but the Damask was a little more elegant and out of our comfort zone but perfect for making our day perfect. SO...which one to choose.....

Well I am happy to announce that..............


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