Thursday, March 3, 2011


Would you expect anything less than my wedding to be HOT PINK?!?!?! If you don't know me then you are probably questioning my sanity, but my favorite color is HOT PINK! not just any old pink but NEON HOT PINK (80's Style for sure!) While discussing possible colors for our wedding Anthony was being such a good sport because I wasn't budging on having Hot Pink as one of our colors. We decided that we wanted to do Black and White as well but thought that we would maybe make a trip to Michael's (Craft Store) to maybe see if there was a print to go with these colors to tie everything together.

First thought was doing Hot Pink, Black and White with a Black with White Polka dot's print. CUTE RIGHT? and super fun? But we will just have to see what other items are out there before we make a decision. I am more or less wanting this to be ONE GIANT PARTY to where Anthony is more wanting a traditional elegant look because that really goes against anything we have ever done (THE SUPER FANCY PART!) So I will keep you posted on our progress, our decisions and my BARGAIN'S that I find!!!!

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